Listen to 90.7 Love Radio Online Live Streaming

"Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?! Bisyo na ‘to!"

That is the famous line that 90.7 Love Radio taught the large Filipino radio listeners! I do listen to radio stations that are based in NCR, but since 90.7 Love Radio is not that clearly heard in Batangas, my relatives usually listen Batangas City-based radio stations. Hehehe.

Despite of it, I know how jolly and funny the DJs are on Love Radio, especially the famous Nicole Hyala! (Greet me please, I'm Jerick Mac of! Hehehe.) Accept my greetings to all of you too.

By the way, for those Filipinos who doesn't have a radio in their houses but has Internet connection, you can still enjoy listening to 90.7 Love radio through Online Live Streaming! Yey! How?

It is very simple. Just open your favorite media player, click "Open URL" and copy-paste the URL below:

That's it! Wherever you are, you can now surely access and listen to 90.7 Love Radio using your PC and Internet Connection.

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