Toyota Revo For Sale in Batangas | DLX, GL, GLX, SR, LXV

My mother knows a person who is looking for a Toyota Revo. That buyer told my parents that their budget is up to P350000. Meaning, I have to look for a Toyota Revo with a price of P350000 or lower. Preferably, they want a year 2000 or any recent model and it should be here in Batangas.

That's why I post this article. This can help those people who are looking for Toyota Revo DLX, GL, GLX, SR or LXV that is for sale here in Batangas City or Batangas province. In my search, I found these sites which you can check too:

Toyota Revo GLX 2000
A1 Condition, All power amenities, complete accessories like roof rail, rain gutter, rear spoiler, front overrider.

TOYOTA REVO "Sport Runner" 2003
1st owned, AUTOMATIC TRANS., color red / 2 tone silver, with Sticker original paint, 54 MILEAGE, GAS ENGINE.

2004 model Toyota Revo GLX M/T Diesel
Manual Transmission, Diesel Engine, All power, with Step Board, With Roof Rack, With Bull Bar, with rain gutter, All original.

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